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Hi Alex's Sunnyside Playroom Friends! Happy Valentine's to each of you. Alex was one of the most thoughtful gift giver, especially on Valentine's Day. He meticulously made heart-felt, homemade gifts. He always put his heart into his work at home and at work. He devoted his life to helping others. When he was in college, he spent breaks traveling to impoverished areas in the U.S. and Mexico to build homes, as well as medical clinics. He volunteered in the free health clinic as a medical student. He would be happy to know that his life's work of helping others continues beyond his time on Earth. We are thrilled to finalize design plans with Trinity Architecture for the inaugural playroom to continue his legacy. We hope that you will take the coupon code (a different one will be emailed to previous casino night attendees) to join us on April, 25, 2020 to help fundraise more places of joy, hope and respite for families fighting cancer. 1.8 million people in the US will be diagnosed with cancer in 2020 (Source: Stand Up 2 Cancer). That's 1.8 million people that deserve to have a better family experience than the one we were given. Please join us!


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