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Hi Sunnyside Playroom Supporters! Thank you for coming out to Marcy's Clayground October 4-6th, 2019! With all of your wonderful family paintings and donations, we received $400 to put towards games, art supplies, crafts, activities, puzzles and other resources for families fighting cancer. We had (2) bags delivered to the James Cancer Hospital at the Ohio State University Medical Center on Thursday to continue our progress with bringing resources to families at The James. We also sent (2) activity bags via UPS on Monday delivered to Dr. Eben Rosenthal and Dr Lori Muffly at Stanford Cancer to encourage them to re-visit helping families fighting cancer there. These are just (2) of the (4) hospitals where Alex fought leukemia without resources or a place of respite for him to be with his family.

We have set our 2nd Annual Casino Night Fundraiser and Silent Auction for Saturday, April 25, 2020. This is our main fundraiser to fund the playrooms themselves. Past attendees will be given a discount code for their tickets. We were thrilled by the turn-out last year and hope you will return in 2020 to support us! We will have a 5-hour open bar, compared to last year's 2-hour open bar. Parking can also be purchased ahead of time through the site location, if you aren't using Lyft or Uber that night.

If you want to know how to help us, please sign up to volunteer for the casino night. If you aren't available to volunteer, please add us to your orders. We are a recognized official 501(3)(c). will donate a portion of their profits back to the charity without you getting hit in the pocketbook. All items cost the exact same as

Thank you everyone! We are so close to our inaugural playroom for families fighting cancer! You have helped us raise awareness in a gap in cancer care, especially locally.


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