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Good morning Alex's Sunnyside Playroom friends!

I have been working hard with our board members to secure a new date for our 2nd Annual Casino Fundraiser with Silent Auction, in light of the pandemic for a few weeks. We finally have a new date and all the ticket holders, volunteers and sponsors have been notified about it.

Have you been thinking about what YOU can do at home? To offer hope to the healthcare workers? To help the patients fighting cancer or are immunocompromised? Do you need help with ideas to manage anxiety and being isolated to home? Look no further! We are full of ideas. Check out the NEW TAB, PANDEMIC HELP.

What do we have to offer? This is our 3rd time as a family in isolation at home. The first time was for 15-months with our youngest due to multi-system organ failure. The second time was for the 14-months that Alex fought B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Now everyone is experiencing social distancing, isolation and life at home exclusively. I have added a new tab of ideas to help you during this pandemic. Hold onto hope!


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