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Hi Alex's Sunnyside Playroom Supporters! Thank you to the 25+ families that came out to Menchies on Thursday evening for our Frozen-Yogurt-For-a-Cause-Event!!! We were blown away by all the support in seeing your friendly faces, covered in chocolate and candy! The weather wasn't ideal. It makes us that much more grateful for YOU coming out to support us.

We cancelled July's fundraiser due to lack of interest. Stay tuned for more events hopefully this fall.

We had a really encouraging meeting with a local hospital, along with a large donation from the Medical Director of Critical Care with his Medical Director partners towards this local project. Alex made a huge impact on the patients he served, physicians he trained under and medical staff he worked with. It's been an emotional time as we remember the amazing father, anesthesiologist, husband and friend he was with Father's Day. Thank you for making his legacy a potential reality locally.

Blood donors from May, please check your email in-box! The $10 incentive has been sent. We found out this week that our donations were distributed to The Ohio State University Medical Center, Riverside Methodist Hospital, Grant Medical Center, Adena Regional Medical Hospital and Genesis Hospital. So many lives saved due to your amazing donations in a critical period of summer!


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