Upcoming Alex's Sunnyside Playroom News

Don't forget to come out to House Wine Worthington on 2/27/19 from 6 to 9 and mention Alex's Sunnyside Playroom

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Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Thank you Southwest Airlines for choosing Alex's Sunnyside Playroom, Inc. to receive (4) one-way passes for travel April 21, 2019 until April 20, 2020! We are thrilled to be able to offer this as a Silent Auction item on April 13, 2019. We have added a link to their website, especially if you are the winner of this amazing in-kind donation. Just click the image below.

Peace, Love and Little Donuts Worthington is also busy readying a package for us to pick-up this week. We are grateful for their support. We have included their Facebook page link. Please click the link below on the image itself. The package is valued at $71!!


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Porters Supporters, we are cautiously optimistic about two meetings we had with hospitals about Alex's Sunnyside Playroom this week. One was a conference call to continue to explore where the space would be and what would it look like at a hospital Alex was treated at. They agreed that this is a gap in care that needs to be addressed. The second was an in-person meeting with a local hospital foundation. We are hopeful our story, our difficult experience and our family of supporters will help to make something happen locally for families fighting cancer. We will continue to keep you updated on our progress. If you want to help families like us, please nominate us on the Ellen TV show to open a door to make a Sunnyside Playroom and its resources a reality. Here is the link: We need help making our dreams of helping families fighting cancer a reality.

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